American Roaming Network was established in 1992, to facilitate the FCC Mandate for un-registered roaming. ARN started with five carrier sites and by 1993 ARN had added 101 carrier sites, bringing the total number of locations to 106. In 1994, 95, and 96, ARN continued its growth and by the end of 1996 ARN had 175 wireless carrier sites. In 1997, ARN added 179 sites; bring the new total to 354. 1998 to 2000, ARN kept up the pace with a total of 853 carrier sites across the U.S. and Caribbean.


In 2006, American Roaming Network was purchased by private investors
from VeriSign. The network was then completely re-designed to include the latest technological advancements in Voice over IP call processing, prepaid capabilities and reporting. ARN legacy network was decommissioned and replaced with a Next Generation system consisting of a VoIP Switch and IVR system configured with Local Access Numbers throughout the country which are used for call transport.


Today, ARN is the largest provider of unregistered roaming services
to a majority of the carriers in the U.S. American Roaming Network processes over 18 million calls each month originate from un-registered de-activated mobile phones. ARN is the premier provider of CDMA roaming on the country servicing 100% of the top seven wireless carriers. 911 Calls Are Free Of Charge. Roadside Services and other calls to the U.S and Canada are billed to a credit card, collect or with the American Roaming Prepaid Account.

American Roaming Network (ARN) is the largest Un-Registered Roaming Service in the U.S.
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